Business For Sale

We are currently in the process of selling the Firewheel business.

Firewheel is a high quality Rubber Band Gun (RBG) that simulates all types of firearms, and is made in Australia. Please see the Videos section for a demo.

We were incorporated in the US for a couple of years back in 2004, 2005 and the product performed well in the Cube Toys section of at the time. However the substantial costs of importing the product forced us to close the US business. We strongly believe there is a good US market for the Firewheel, as long as it is produced and shipped domestically.

We have been manufacturing and marketing the Firewheel in Australia since 2002, and it has sold well here, but Australia is only a small market, and we have had limited success exporting from Australia, due to the high quality of the product. There is a lifetime guarantee in Australia.

The Australian market is now saturated, and we are in the process of winding up the business, and believe there is a very good opportunity for someone in the US to take up the product, and manufacture it there.

We are offering the injection moulding tooling, together with all production jigs etc, and ongoing technical backup, for US$35,200 FOB Aust.

We would also be able to supply about 2,500 sets of components for the Firewheel to get under way in the US market, and would be prepared to do so at our cost pricing.


For enquiries about the sale of the Firewheel business, please contact us using the form below.